JAMB 2020: Things To Know In Choosing A Career

Are you a tyro and will be writing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination next year? Before you start the registration and choosing a course, we got something to help you in your future intending career.

All too often young people leave school ill-prepared for the demands which life will place upon them. Sadly, the picture is usually one of ignorance of the world of work, total unawareness of real potential, and inability to adjust to the world outside school. Some overcome this in spite of everything; others are alienated completely.

I am afraid this article will be more on the worthiness of career and will be wholly helpful to anyone who wants to be successful in any field of his/her career. We will post later on lucrative careers you should go for.


A career is a sequence of occupations, jobs, and positions engaged in, or occupied, throughout the lifetime of a person. Psychologically, a career is a series of roles played by a person. Choice of success in a career are determined in part by the aptitudes, values, needs, prior experiences and expectations of the person in question.
Engineering can be taken as a career. Within the profession, one can be an Electrician, a Mechanic, or a System Engineer. Each of these is a job within the Engineering profession, but some people are oblivious of it.


An occupation, by contrast, is a type of work activity in which people engage, a group of similar tasks organised in a similar ways in various establishments, an activity that has a market value and in which people are, therefore paid to engage. Some examples are publishers, presidents, physicians, politicians, in the music field are Music producers, directors, performers.

A job is just a way of making a living. In a career, you can feel that your abilities are being properly used, that the work is worth doing, that it is interesting.

In thinking about your career either in medicine or other, three types of questions are asked:

  1. What information in the career you’re seeking for do you have? You cannot be interested in something you do not know about.
  2. For what occupations do you have the right academic, personal, physical and mental qualifications? What can you offer to the world of work?
  3. What kind of satisfaction are you seeking from your career? What do you need to get from your work?

Two sort of information are needed in choosing a job: knowledge of oneself and knowledge of the widest range of jobs. Knowledge of oneself is the harder and elusive of the two..

What can be done is to ask these issues: Do your interests lie more in creating or writing some things? Is a long training in many interesting subjects preferable to a short training with a minimum of formal study? What ranks in job considerations as against outdoor activities? With the attempt to these, plans will be made to strike the balance.


Another key piece of information is how your selected career jobs stand in the labor market. This includes data like hiring trends and job growth. Search for news stories about the industry or job title that interests you. You will want to give favour to jobs that have steady hiring and growth.


Many Jambites have been choosing the wrong courses due to reasons best known to them. Choosing a wrong course is a start of a failed career. So you must ‘think so that you may know’.

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Here are some professional courses offered in the university you should go to so as to start a successful career:

  • Computer Science
  • Law
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Theatre Arts
  • Web Development
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Accounting
  • Nursing

The difference between a person studying Philosophy and the other studying Marine Biology is their passion. Seeking for admission into the aforementioned courses in any Nigerian renowned university needs your commitment because the courses are very competitive.

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