List Of Less Competitive Good Courses In Nigeria

Every admission seeker is aspiring to gain entry into Higher Tertiary Institution this year, but when it comes to University Admissions, the difficulty of admission is more than a casual thing if you are aspiring for a competitive course especially when you’re not in full compliance to the requirements.

less competitive course

A lot of Admission seekers who discovered that they didn’t do well in JAMB UTME decided to change their course to a less competitive course for a guaranteed admission.

List Of Less Competitive Good Courses In Nigeria

This list of unusual courses you should choose to have an admission and avoid sitting again.

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The mindset of many Nigerian admission seekers and undergraduates is that education related courses are reserved for people with middle or low IQ. But this is wrong simply because education courses are design mainly to train teachers and researchers.

Interestingly, many Educationist are not looming in the streets for works. According to statistics conducted by Nigeria bureau of statistics in 2009, education sector employs 29% of the total workforce in Nigeria.

Consider choosing Educational courses like: Mathematics Education, Physics Education, Computer Education and others.


Admission into an agricultural related courses is quite easy.
Many a time, students look down on this course, but I can tell you it’s a very marketable course.

It promotes the consistent production of quality products and raw food in the agricultural-food industry in Nigeria.

Career Jobs for Agriculture

Jobs available for agricultural graduates are: Agricultural consultant, Farm manager, Fish farm manager, Plant breeder/geneticist, Rural practice surveyor, Soil scientist, Animal nutritionist, Field trials officer, Forest/woodland manager, Veterinary nurse.


Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity, numbers, structure, and change.

Graduates of Mathematics are respected for their excellent quantitative and problem- solving abilities. Studying Mathematics in the university can help you become a lecturer. So, is there any benefit of getting a degree in mathematics?

Those who go to the University to study a mathematical course can testify that mathematics is great and employable.
Mathematics is also needed in calculating business plans.


If you’re reading this, you must be wondering: what can you do with an International Relations degree?
You’ll have the opportunity to maintain positive diplomatic relations between countries, prevent international conflicts, and make sure things run smoothly between governments in our highly interconnected world.

As an international relations specialist, you will have a broad set of career options in addition to politics, including in fields like economics, social systems and the cultural life of communities.


Most people assume that language is a very bad course and they always end up as teachers. But this isn’t true in present-day Nigeria as graduates of various language courses are highly respected.

There are variety of works for a graduate of most language courses, you can work as a personnel in most media and television companies in Nigeria.

Some graduates who study foreign languages like Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French work as interpreters for foreigners who may not understand English or various native Nigerian dialects.


Christian Religious Knowledge and Islamic Religious Studies is the study and understanding of the Christian and Islamic religions respectively.

Undergraduates and graduates who studied these courses are open to become teachers or lecturers at various public and private institutions in Nigeria.

A little number of these graduate also apply for the seminary/bible school(for Christians) and become pastors/priests and Imams respectively.


We do not try to discourage you not to study your dream course in the university. But our advise is that you should know the competitiveness of your course and your qualifications to study the course.

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