Quickteller Global Mall Scam Review [Finally, Got my Money]

This quickteller global mall review is a true life story. I personally experienced the horror of shopping online with them. About on the 25 of April, 2019, I ordered for 2 items using their platform. One of the item could not be shipped within 15 days, so they sent me an email and on my dashboard, I see it is “REFUNDED”. What is refunded, I do not know. (Please see the screenshot below).

Update: After almost THREE MONTHS. Yes. 3 good months, 
I was finally given my money back. 

quickteller global mall review

By “REFUNDED” I was expecting the money back to my bank account. I waited for 14 days or thereabout, then I contacted them via their Twitter account https://twitter.com/iswsupport, and nothing was done, so i requested for a phone number to talk a human. Alas, that was a mistake, as the people at the other end are nothing but bunch of ’empty heads’ or they are plain stupid or thieves.

UPDATE: The Replies I got ARE ALL AUTOMATED! It does not matter what you sent them, you are going to get the same reply below!

Quickteller Global Mall Review (SCAM)

Before we get to the calls, I did dig out their ‘supposed’ support e-mail and send them a message. After waiting for a very long time, I received an e-mail that it is currently been looked into, and then it has been “RESOLVED” again.

quickteller global mall scam

See what they wrote in the e-mail above; “We greatly appreciate your patience while we work on this issue. Should you wish to contact us on this query, kindly provide your case number to our support representative”

If I mentioned my CASE NUMBER, My E-mail, or my ORDER NUMBER, those unfortunate people at the other side of the phone will say they can’t dig up my details.

Quickteller Global Mall Scam

Finally, it has been resolved. I received another e-mail, that the issue has been Completed. Please find the message below;

quickteller scam

I was told that it has been resolved and I should confirm the same. I sent another e-mail to them to know what they met by “Completed” or “Resolved” without me getting the refund of the item that was never purchased. You won’t believe it. It is almost 1 month and they have not responded to my emails, neither have I been credited.

Quickteller Global Mall REFUND SCAM

I checked my quickteller global mall dashboard and I see this;

quickteller global mall contact scam

So people, there goes my Money, gone into tiny air. Although, this money is small. But, what If this is $4,00.67 or more? What if I borrowed $5,000 or more to start importation business and then decided to use Quickteller thinking they are well known and can’t scam me? This is what will happen to it?

I can view the details on my end here. but calling quickteller, those people says they can’t pull up my details from their end. What a poor company.

quickteller global mall contact

quickteller global mall scams

If you have been scam by quickteller global mall and you are looking for their contact details;

you can reach them via the following channels. But know this; it will be worst. Because they are all incompetent and dumb. When they can’t solve your problem. They will promise to CALL YOU BACK. Don’t depend on that. They will NEVER call you back.

Anyways, you can reach them below;

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/iswsupport
  • Call: +234 700 906 5000
  • E-mail: support@interswitchng.com, info@quickteller.com

Get in touch with them and a trial will convince you. quickteller global mall customer care is shitty and they are liars who end the call with the promise of calling back. It is 2 months since I ordered for this item and it was never delivered and never solved.

If you have similar encounter, please drop a comment below with proofs and I will add them up.

Ha, I just sent them this message below; lets see what happens.

Message sent via: https://globalmall.quickteller.com/contact-us

Hello Quickteller globall mall.

This might not be much, but I am going to keep broadcasting my personal experience with you people. And I know others who are getting ripped by you guys will soon speak up and the internet will be filled with your Quickteller Global Mall FRAUD.

Enjoy the first SCAM review of quickteller global mall at (https://guide2nigeria.com/quickteller-global-mall-review/) and let me know if there is anything you would like me to add to the article.
Meanwhile, you can keep my money if it will help you guys stay afloat for a while. Tell those people who pick the calls from 07009065000 that it is 2 weeks and I am still expecting them to call me back. Thieves.

Update: Finally; I got a reply from their ‘supposed’ support after 1 Week.

Remembered I sent a message via their contact form page here and let the photo below do the talking for me.

What did you noticed about the message above? IT IS AUTO RESPONSE! It does not matter what message you sent, you are going to get the same message above. Want to confirm it? Send a message to the link above and wait for the auto response(s) after a few days.

Just like the ‘robots’ that pick your calls and promise to call back with a solution. They never will anyways. So is sending message to the auto response e-mails on their scam page.

DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME SENDING MESSAGE(S) TO THIS EMAILS; support@interswitchng.com, info@quickteller.com, and through the contact us page: https://globalmall.quickteller.com/contact-us you are going to end up getting an aut0 set-up message after a couple of days. If you noticed my previous replies. THE REPLIES ARE ALL AUTOMATED!

In conclusion: Quickteller Global Mall is a SCAM operating in Nigeria. Be careful when you make use of them. You might end up loosing all your MONEY.

Update 4th July: I tweet this to their ‘alleged’ twitter support handle https://twitter.com/iswsupport and got this reply below;

quick teller scam

I actually contacted them via Twitter with my Order Number and get no useful response other than ‘we are working on this’

I contact them via Phone number and got no useful response, other than ‘we will call you back’ and then they start denying my transaction ID/Order Number that it couldn’t be found on their end. Meanwhile, I can still log into my quickteller dashboard. (Tips: Please next time game and want to take the scam forward, do delete my account, so my details will vanish).

Note to future people they will scam: Keep Screenshots, or video your dashboard in case they decided to delete your details from their website.

Will the above tweet solve anything? I doubt it, I have pass the stage where I was calling their ‘dummy support line’ every 1 week or thereabout.

If you are looking for reliable platform that ship from USA to Nigeria. Don’t use Quickteller Global Mall. We have reliable companies that will ship items from anywhere in the world to Nigeria. Stay away from quickteller global mall platform. If you have any problem, you are going to talk to dummies on the phone and then get an automated replies to anything you send them via e-mail. And then, the twitter handle.

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